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A Better Way of Ohio has changed my son's and my life. I'm not as frustrated now when dealing with him. Clarence and Better Way look out for and take care of him when he is with them.

Clarence and Better Way provide a desperately needed resource in our community. Special needs boys need role models. They have provided that role model. He walks taller as a result of their program and is a better man.

- Mornetta C.

Sharie LThey're awesome! Phenomenal!

They treat my son like a regular person, not a "special" person.

I never thought my son would have friends. We just had a party for his 18th birthday and we had all of his Better Way friends over.

My husband and I have our lives back. They made our lives so much easier. Now we get a break.

- Sharie L.

Edna MBetter Way of Ohio has enabled my son to socialize with positive people. They treat him like a brother and make sure he is happy, comfortable and safe. They are helping him with his socialization skills.

They take the things I say into consideration and seem to have the same concerns as I have for him. Better Way of Ohio has been very positive for me.

- Edna M.


JonelleBetter Way of Ohio is helping Bryan make the transition from a kid environment to an adult's. He is learning acceptable behavior and benefits from consistent discipline and consequences. His mannerisms and level of respect towards me have noticeably improved.

Bryan really enjoys the activities and now has a group of people like him to hang out with. He has friends. This has also opened up my opportunities to have a personal life.

- Jonelle H.