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Field Trips

A Better Way of Ohio offers weekly field trips. Destinations and activities change with the seasons, but occur year-round.

The enjoyment of the event or activity may be the obvious goal, but the socialization between peers, as well as the general community, is the greater benefit.

Through generous charities and individual donors, Mrs. Greenspan in particular, tickets to professional sporting events are made available. A Better Way of Ohio takes full advantage of these opportunities to the benefit of our clients. Seeing the Cavaliers, Indians, Browns and Monsters are events which are life-long experiences. The people and companies behind these contributions can't be thanked enough.

Beyond sporting events, our clients have been to every museum in Cleveland, haunted houses for Halloween, Christmas parties, movies, bowling and others. We have pool parties where the entire pool is reserved strictly for people with developmental challenges and their families. Socialization and building friendships are the long term goal of these activities. They're a lot of fun at the same time.

Field trip - swimming